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  Zhengzhou Olu Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Central China, the city of Xinmi, Henan province, our company was established in 1986, we have 254 employees now. At present, we have two series products, fused cast refractories and ceramic zirconia(fused zirconia), our products exported America, Brazil, India, Italy, Mexico, Turkey etc.
   Our fused cast refractories have fused cast AZS(Alumina-Zirconia-Silica) blocks and High zirconia blocks, using our unique patented technology, our fused cast AZS blocks service life longer 30% compare with the same industry, after used our AZS products, it  increased the glass furnace's life, save the money for our customers, our fused cast refractories are favored by customers around the world. Now, our fused cast AZS code have AZS33NC(Normal Casting), AZS33VF(Void Free), AZS36NC/VF, AZS41VF(Void Free), our AZS blocks conform or higher than the Chinese standard JC493-2015 <Fused cast AZS refractories for glass furnace>. Our company have ability to cut, burnish, drill the blocks, we have a platform to assemble the whole glass furnace, we can accept big order from you. High zirconia blocks mainly be used in the heavy-corrosion area of the glass furnace.
  Our ceramic zirconia(fused zirconia) have monoclinic zirconia, stabilized zirconia( magnesia stabilized zirconia, calcia stabilized zirconia, yttria stabilized zirconia), zirconium silicate beads, fused yttria(Y2O3) etc, fused zirconia be widely used in ceramic pigment, high grade refractories, high-speed train, and surface polishing treatment of mobile phone and other electric products.
  Others, we can also produce zirconia ramming materials, zirconia hot repairing mix etc.
  Create value for Customers, we are keeping move on.