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AZS41 Fused cast refractories

AZS41 Fused cast refractories
  Fused cast refractories be used in glass furnace or frit furnace. Using zircon sand as raw material, after melting, cast in the mould, then curdle, keep warm, demould, grind, assembly, packing and delivery. Classified by casting process, there are NC(Normal Casting), VF(Void Free),  different cast process are suitable for different part of glass furnace. 
  AZS41VF fused cast refractories is the best AZS, it have high erosion-resistant and excellent low pollution to molten glass, mainly be used in heavy corrosion part of glass furnace, such as electric furnace, throat, dam wall, bubble blocks, dog-house etc.
Using our patented technology, our fused cast AZS blocks' service life longer 30% than the same industry.

AZS41VF fused cast refractories technical data sheet:

Chemical composition(%)
ZrO2 ≥40
SiO2 ≤13
Al2O3 Rest
Na2O ≤1.3
Fe2O3+TiO2 ≤0.3
Physical properties
Cold crushing strength(MPa) ≥350
Exudation temperature of glass phase(℃) ≥1400
Erosion-resistant to molten glass(mm/24hr) ≤1.3
Bulk density(g/cm3)      (VF=Void Free) ≥3.90
Phase composition(%)
Baddeleyite 40
Glass Phase 17
alpha-corundm 43